Are you currently in the market to buy property? There are a few ways to maximise your chances of a successful outcome and to make sure your application stands out:

  1. Check your account conduct – make sure you don’t have any instances where you’ve gone into an unarranged overdraft.
  2. Have a solid employment history – lenders will check for fluctuating hours or a patchy work record. If your employment status has been affected by Covid-19, unfortunately, it’s still important to show that you have a good income and that’s not likely to go anywhere.
  3. Keep affordability top-of-mind – as we said, affordability is always crucial when taking on substantial commitments, like a mortgage. And a realistic application is more likely to be looked upon favourably at present. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss how you can improve your borrowing power.
  4. Check your credit rating – if there’s anything negative on there, it could count against you. Make sure there’s nothing incorrect on your file – you can apply to have this corrected. And if there are any unpaid defaults, make sure you pay those before applying.
  5. Have a plan – if you don’t have a lot of deposit, or there are any other aspects of your loan that look shaky, think about what else could be of help. Are you in a good position to withdraw part of your KiwiSaver money or access?



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