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Welcome to Lee Mason Mortgages & Insurance

Our goal is to make the Kiwi dream of home ownership become reality by providing clear and stress-free solutions to our client’s requirements. Servicing the whole of the Wellington region with friendly mobile mortgage advisers, we are available 7 days a week. Also through the wonders of modern technology, we are able to extend our services nationwide.

Mortgage & Insurance Advisers

Our services range from expert mortgage advice on new lending, refinancing, new construction and property investment to a tailor-made solution for your financial risk. If it’s lower insurance premiums you are looking for we can help. If it’s restructuring your mortgage to repay quickly, the good news is that we’ve got that covered too. Call Lee and the team at Lee Mason Mortgages & Insurance today.

Our experience with Lee Mason was nothing less than fantastic from start to finish, Lee took the time to understand exactly what we wanted to achieve with our home loan and then proceeded to find the best product on the market to meet these requirements.  Everything was handled professionally and we were very satisfied with the level of service received during the whole process, we do not hesitate to recommend Lee for your mortgage and insurance needs.

Quentin & Lisa Gibson

Lee Mason


Lee_Mason-283x300v2Adopting a Robin Hood approach to mortgages and insurance, Lee intends to put money back into his client’s pockets. With a 25 year background in Corporate Banking and Treasury, Lee has a great knowledge of the financial markets and can help you with all forms of lending, insurance and general financial advice. “Client rapport is everything in my business. You’ve got to build trust with your clients and by being open and honest with them is the best way to achieve this. Treat them well and they’ll keep their business with you.” It pays to shop around when looking for either a mortgage or insurance but this can be a time consuming experience to get the right deals. Using a broker takes all the hassle out of the shopping around process and the best part of the service is that it’s free. If you can pry Lee away from the golf course then you’ll be doing well. Better still why not organise a game for your first meeting. All the best deals are done  over 18 holes of golf!!

Biggest thanks go to Lee for being so helpful, knowledgable, and patient! We have been working with Lee for about 6 months now and he’s helped us get a much better handle on our finances and our insurance. But more than that, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know an outstanding guy who is honest, funny, very clued up on what he does, and goes out of his way to make things easy for his clients. Lee is exactly the type of person you want to entrust your finances to. Thanks mate, you rock!

Mat and Susie Wilson

The financial support and advice Lee provided gave us the tools to rapidly pay off our mortgage, yet still retain control and freedom over our money….all with no change to the budget….for us it was a “no brainer!”

D Kay

Lee has been fantastic for my business. From reducing my insurance premiums to business mentoring to even finding a tenant for my rental property. I’m so glad I got in touch with him and would highly recommend his services.

C Hodge

Lee took the time to fully understand our situation and help us identify the right products for us.

M and J Parker

Normally I am one of those who simply keep rolling over existing policies because it’s easy. I am glad I ended up giving Lee a shot as the whole process was painless, quick and in end saved me quite a bit in premium payments (for at least the same amount of cover). The easy process and savings convinced my partner to move her policies over to Lee as well. Would have no hesitation in recommending Lee to anyone to look into getting a great deal.

B Cox

If you have a question, let us know here & we'll get in touch.

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